Birthparent Support Group

**Our Columbus OH and Cincinnati, OH groups are on sabbatical. No meetings are currently scheduled. Visit our Resources page for information about active support groups and other resources in Ohio.**


Open to birth mothers and birth fathers only, this group is a private space for birthparents to meet others who understand this life-long journey. At our group, you will have a chance to connect with birthparents of all ages who represent a broad range of experiences with adoption. Through open discussion, we share perspectives, resources, skills and strategies that help us navigate the many changes that adoption brings to our lives. Share as much as you feel comfortable or simply sit and listen! Bring a snack to share or a few bucks to donate if you are able.

Whether your adoption is open or closed, whether you are a new birthparent or have been navigating this experience for decades, please join us!

The trajectory of our discussion depends on the immediate needs of those in attendance, but common themes frequently emerge in our group meetings:

– Issues in Open Adoption
– Search and Reunion Support
– Relationships with Adoptees
– Communicating with Adoptive Parents
– Navigating Ambiguous Roles and Boundaries
– Parenting Before Adoption/ Parenting After Adoption
– Issues in the Experiences of Extended Birth Family Members
– The Impact of Adoption on Intimate Relationships and Friendships
– Grief, Loss and Trauma
– Negotiating Changes in Identity and Self- Concept
– Similarities and Differences in Experiences of Closed and Open Adoptions

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This Group is for Birthparents Only
In order to cultivate a safe and open environment to explore our experiences on our own terms, our birthparent groups are closed to the public and facilitated by birthparents themselves. Out of respect for all birthparents in attendance, non-birthparents (adopted persons, adoptive parents, relatives, friends, etc.) will be asked to wait outside until our group has ended. If you have questions about this policy or are a birthparent who is feeling anxious about coming to our meeting alone, please contact us.

© Ohio Birthparent Group 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013


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Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

Our monthly birthparent meetings are for current birthparents – those who have already placed children for adoption. Pregnant women considering adoption should contact us and consult our Resources page for ways to get connected with OBG birthparents.
“It’s the only place where I get to talk about adoption and everyone understands me. The people who attend are amazing and I love being able to support them as they support me.” Birth Mother, 1995

“After 38 years of buried secrets, sadness, and lonely suffering, I have finally found a safe haven. Having an outlet to share my most intimate emotions with others who live this journey has truly been a healing balm.” Birth Mother, 1970

“It’s such a unique opportunity for me to contribute my narrative as both a birthparent and as an adoptee in reunion.” Birth Mother (& Adoptee), 1980

“Nobody can understand the complex feelings of loss like other birthmothers. It’s nice to see several generations of birthmothers and how they cope with their feelings over the years.” Birth Mother, 2012